About Us


The Wilson Automotive GroupCORPORATE TEAM

  • David W. Wilson, Owner
  • Renald T. Rooney, President
  • Craig T. Whetter, Executive Vice President
  • Vikki L. Murphy, Vice President
  • Glenn Quintos, Corporate Controller
  • Shelly Jackley, Chief Financial Officer
  • Frank Romano, Corporate Training & Dev.
  • Bob Wyrick Parts & Service Department

The David Wilson Automotive Group specializes in the retail sales and service of vehicles and related automotive products. The organization is characterized by its strong emphasis on customer service, customer loyalty and retention, and an excellent reputation in the automotive industry.

Company History

The David Wilson Automotive Group had its beginnings in 1983 when David Wilson, the new general manager of Toyota of Orange, purchased 25% of the dealership. Between 1983 and 1985 sales volume increased from 2,500 vehicles per year to over 8,000 vehicles per year, with their "customer service first" approach quickly resonating with consumers.

Since then the Wilson organization has grown from one Toyota dealership with 90 employees to seven Toyota dealerships, three Lexus dealerships, three Honda dealerships, an Acura dealership, a Ford dealership and a Mazda dealership - now supporting nearly 2,000 associates. The David Wilson Automotive Group is one of the top ten privately owned automotive groups in the country.


The David Wilson Automotive Group attributes much of its success and growth to a strong emphasis on customer service. A large percentage of the company's business is due to owner loyalty: completely satisfied consumers who return for a new vehicle year after year.

The Group prides itself on providing each guest with an outstanding automotive experience - always meeting or exceeding the customer's expectations. While others are simply looking for a return on their investment, the Wilson Automotive Group understands that a return on an investment is really more a return on a relationship, with customers and employees alike. The Wilson Automotive Group realizes the importance of building a rapport with each and every customer so they will continue to return to the dealership, and feel comfortable referring their family and friends as well.

Our Commitment

Customer Satisfaction

As more and more customers return to the Wilson Automotive Group dealerships, the organization is expanding and adapting to offer a variety of services and better provide an outstanding customer experience. Every David Wilson Automotive dealership is committed to your 100% satisfaction. Customer service is the cornerstone the organization is built upon; and it is an integral part of how we do business. Our customer IS our business and we strive to continually enhance our level of customer service. Our goal is to offer an experience that exceeds your expectations from the moment you walk into any of the David Wilson automotive dealerships.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the key factors defining the Wilson Automotive Group is our commitment to our employees. Satisfied employees are instrumental to retention and to maintaining a competitive advantage. Employee turnover is very low within our Group. Many associates have made this their lifelong career. This creates an environment that develops long-time customer relationships, and thus a solid foundation for stable business growth.